The Frequency of Change

The vibrational frequency of change allows you to break free from stagnant patterns and embrace new possibilities. By aligning yourself with the energy of change, you open yourself up to transformative experiences.  Embracing this vibrational frequency empowers you to create the shifts you desire in your life, leading you to a more fulfilling and divine existence. 

The Positive frequency of Change is not understood by those attached to the egoic mind; it is understood by those who have learned to detach themselves from life’s distractions, knowing that they are on a journey back to themselves and not to attach themselves to any place, anything, or anyone. 

There is nothing wrong with loving our families or standing in love with another.  Relationships are a very important part of the journey.  You are guided to remember and understand that nothing in the here and now is permanent; everything in this world is temporary, whether it be your physical environment, your relationships, or your possessions. 

The only reason for your journey to this earth plane is to grow into higher realms of consciousness and remember that you are beyond form; you are pure spirit having a human experience.   

Those who understand the frequency of change are always protected and provided for. 

They embrace impermanence and find solace in the knowledge that their true home lies within themselves. Without the attachments of this world, they move through life with a sense of freedom.   They ‘grow’ through their challenges, defeating every obstacle with faith and becoming stronger than they were before.  

The wisdom they acquire allows them to fully appreciate and embrace the present moment, cherishing the connections they make, whether fleeting or long-term. They understand that every encounter is meaningful nonetheless.  They understand that every person they meet is part of their soul’s journey, but that every person is free to leave at any time; they place no expectations on others.  They live without expectations but have an inner knowing that all their needs will be taken care of.  

They understand that the Universe is always supporting them.  Living without expectations allows them to embrace uncertainty and navigate life’s twists and turns with grace. They trust in the universe’s plan and believe that everything happens for a reason, finding solace in the knowledge that their needs will be met in unexpected ways. 

This faith empowers them to live authentically, embracing each moment as it comes and cultivating deep gratitude for the abundance surrounding them. 

They see the frequency of change as an inevitable part of life that allows them to grow without being stuck in some long-gone past, never attached to the deadness of things or situations that no longer allow them to grow into their true authenticity.  

The frequency of change is seen as an opportunity for personal transformation and evolution. First, you awaken, then you transform, evolving into your true essence.   Now rise and shine your divine light, embracing the power of your true divinity to create a life filled with everything that celebrates your true essence and potentiality.