What I Believe About the Tarot


There are no bad cards in the Tarot. Each card represents our lessons and our blessings.

The Tarot also reveals our light and or our shadow.

Our shadow reveals where our hidden wounds resides and where we need to heal.

Our light connects us to the divine so that healing can take place!

The Tarot

I have been doing Tarot readings for over 20 years and I learn something new everyday about how the Tarot can be used to help you in any aspect of your life.

Tarot can also be used with other modalities, such as astrology and numerology. It is even possible to combine the Tarot with Yoga.

The Tarot is a mystery tool which has been with us for many centuries, and has recently become popularised in the 21st century.

I believe that the Tarot is a collection of powerful images and symbols that illustrates the journey of our soul. I see the Tarot as a mirror for the soul allowing you to connect with your inner wisdom.

The Tarot invites us to connect with our unconscious mind, giving us an opportunity to access the divine wisdom that we all possess helping us to find solutions to your problems and discover our soul’s purpose.

The TAROT is a powerful tool, with each card serving as a reminder to go deep within yourself guiding you to connect your daily actions to your higher purpose.

You will come to realise that the Tarot teaches you how to make positive changes in the present moment, moving you towards achieving your future goals and dreams.

This powerful tool called the Tarot is so much more than a set of fortune telling cards – the Tarot allows you to co-create a future that aligns with, your soul’s goals.

I have found in my life that the Tarot can be used as a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery, helping you tap into your intuition gaining insights about yourself and your life path.

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